Frequently asked questions

Do you make gluten free, or vegan cookies?

We do offer vegan and gluten free cookies. PLEASE NOTE Our gluten-free and vegan cookies are made in the same kitchen as our regular cookies, so they may contain traces of wheat-flour or milk, butter, or eggs. These cookies are intended for those with gluten sensitivities, but are not recommended for those with celiac disease. Contact us for more info.

Are you a nut-free facility?

We are not a nut-free facility and can not offer nut-free at this time.

Can you deliver or ship your cookies?

Yes! There is a flat rate of $6 for delivery within Winnipeg (with minimum $50 order) and standard shipping rates apply. We currently only deliver within Canada.

Can I pick up my cookies to save shipping costs?

Absolutely! We currently work out of our home in Winnipeg, and would be happy to arrange a pick up. We will give you the address and arrange a convenient time once you have placed your order.

What ingredients do you use?

All of our ingredients are convniently listed in the notes for each product.

How long do the cookies stay fresh and how do I store them?

For optimal freshness cookies should be eaten within 1-3 days of receiving them and should be stored in a cool, dry place. well sealed container. Cookies in their packages can be placed in a freezer bag or airtight container and frozen for up to 4-5 months.

How far in advance can I order?

For our bakery cookies we require 1-3 days notice. For our custom sugar cookies we typically require at least 1-2 weeks to plan and prepare. Presale cookies will all be prepped and prepared for pickup on the specific days listed in the products.